At Cummins Optical, we can fit your prescription into a multitude of fashionable frames to bring out the ‘new you’.  

Our on-site lab gives us the opportunity to ensure the best quality in your finished eyewear and expedite the overall delivery process. We offer assistance with minor repairs, as well as soldering. 

For over 50 years, eyewear has evolved with fashion, becoming a statement accessory with iconic looks such as Mr. Peanut to Sir Elton John stamped in history. Cummins carries the very latest styles in designer frames in the following lines:

Bertelli                                          Big Men’s Eyewear Club                 Blaine and Taylor

CODE                                            Easy Clip                                         Elizabeth Arden

Evatik                                            Fashiontabulous                             Fitson

FYSH                                             G.B+                                               Genevieve

Jill Stuart                                      Kliik                                                  Maui Jim

Mizyake                                        Nat & Coco                                     Oakley

OGI                                               Paolo Rossini                                  Perry Ellis

Ray Ban                                        Reactive                                           Seraphin

Silhouette                                    Soho Tech                                        Superflex

Takumi                                         Zeal